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Master Association Documents
Master Covenants for Forest Lakes (Including Original Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, October 26, 1994)
Master Association Amended Bylaws (April 14, 2001)
Master Association Rules and Regulations
Master Association Architectural Control Manual [IN PROCESS-PARTIAL]
Amendment to Rules section 7
Plat Maps
Book/PageDescription [part=partial]
Book 146 Page 2Forest Lakes Estates Section 1 (The Flowers Blocks 1 (part), 2 (part), 3, 4, 5 (part))
Book 146 Page 23Forest Lakes Estates Section 2 (The Flowers Blocks 1 (part), 2 (part), Tract A-2 [Park])
Book 146 Page 82Forest Lakes Estates Section 3 (The Flowers Blocks 5 (part), 6, 7)
Book 154 Page 19Bismark Homes at Forest Lakes (The Flowers Block 1 (part))
Book 147 Page 49Forest Lakes Estates Section 4 (The Mansions I)
Book 147 Page 51Forest Lakes Estates Section 5 (The Mansions II)
Book 147 Page 93Forest Lakes Estates Section 6 (The Mansions III, County Park, School)
Book 148 Page 28Forest Lakes Gardens Section 1 (The Landings I)
Book 149 Page 99Forest Lakes Gardens Section 2 (The Landings II)
Book 147 Page 5Forest Lakes Homes (Shoma Homes)
Book 147 Page 79Forest Lakes Villas (Teroso)
Book 146 Page 12Forest Lakes Townhomes (Lennar Homes)
Book 149 Page 81Forest Lakes Country Gardens (Lennar Townhomes)
Book 146 Page 23Detail of Dedications of Plat with Flowers Park
Deeds, Easements and Transfers
Original Purchase by Dade Residential
Sale of 53 Lots in Flowers to Bismark Homes on 11/30/1994 (see legal description for list)
Sale of 38 Lots in Flowers to Bismark Homes on 1/20/1995 (see legal description for list)
Sale of 61 Lots in Flowers to Bismark Homes on 7/28/1995 (see legal description for list)
Sale of final 5 Lots in Flowers to Bismark Homes on 3/5/1999 (see legal description for list)
Quit-Claim Deed transferring Common Areas to Forest Lakes Master Assn on 11/1/1995, including Flowers Park
Deed of Tract F to Dade County for County Park on 2/13/1997
Deed of Tract G to Dade County School District on 12/12/1995
FPL Easement 7/5/1995
Quit-Claim Deed of Main Entrance Planters on 12/14/1994